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Kali Das Pandey

Entertainment News

Tangdil hai ye jahan and sangdil my sanam
What to do Josh-e-Junoon and what to do again

The destinations are their place, the paths have their place………..!

These lines of Bollywood’s famous lyricist Self Unknown literally apply to South Film Industry In this, on the dynamic actor Bombay Rajkumar, who has established his unique identity in the hearts of the cine audience of South due to his acting talent by doing penance in the flames of struggle. Raju Kumar Navik, a native of Ghazipur (Uttar Pradesh), traveled from Ghazipur (Uttar Pradesh) to Bangalore in 2004 dreaming of making his mark in the field of acting with his waking eyes and went on to visit many places like Silver Star Acting and Modeling School. He refined his acting ability and knowledge by joining other organizations and kept his screen name Bombay Rajkumar. As a result, I got a chance to work in plays like ‘Bhima’, ‘Rajadhyaksha’, ‘Arjun’, and ‘Karn’ etc. In 2018 got entry in Kannada films. He rose to fame with the serial ‘Mangala Gauri…’ aired on Kalash. After this, with full enthusiasm and passion, made acting his heart and continued on the path of action. Actor Bombay Rajkumar, who has acted in films like KGN Chapter 2, Robert, Bajrangi 2 and Kabari, has recently been roped in by Bollywood’s renowned film production house Narendra International to play a central role in the film Anam (Production No1). The selection process for the other cast and credits of the film is underway. Very soon this film will go on floors. The film has boosted the spirit of actor Bombay Rajkumar. After South, now Bombay Rajkumar will be seen spreading his acting skills in Bollywood films too.

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