How to improve lifestyle with meditation? – how to improve lifestyle with meditation and yoga, know with dr hansa yogendra

Hansa Maa i.e. Dr. Hansaji Yogendra (Dr. Hansaji Yogendra) is a well-known yoga guru, author and researcher. She is the director of The Yoga Institute, Mumbai. Dr. Hansaji emphasizes on improving lifestyle through Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama. He has conveyed the benefit of the experiences gained from his research work to the people through practical sessions and his books. She tells the things related to yoga in a very simple way. He has also done research on the treatment of diseases like asthma, diabetes. He has a special emphasis on stress management through yoga. Dr Hansaji has also authored several books including ‘Yoga for All: Discovering the True Essence of Yoga’, ‘Recipes for Happiness: Yogic Lifestyle Diet’ and ‘Thoughts on the Gita’.

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Today’s life has become such that children, whether young and old, people of all ages are facing stress. It is also having a profound effect on the mind and body. From irregularities in blood pressure to heart diseases, many diseases start growing in the body due to this. Lifestyle has become such that knowingly or unknowingly we invite diseases like joint pain. What kind of lifestyle changes can help prevent these? How important is yoga, pranayama and meditation in our lifestyle? The answers to such questions related to body and mind will be found in the special program dialogue of Navbharat Gold.

Webinar Date: November 27, Saturday (3 pm to 4 pm)

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