Many ships stuck in Arctic sea near Russia, route Jam latest business news live update | Long ‘Jam’ in the Arctic Sea, 24 ships stuck in 30 cm thick ice; Fears of loss of billions

New Delhi: Russia, which dreams of reaching Europe and Asia through the Arctic Sea, has suffered a major setback at the moment. According to the news published in the Moscow Times, 24 ships have been trapped in sea ice due to deteriorating weather near the Russian coast. Despite several relief and rescue efforts, there is a huge jam on this sea route.

northern sea route closed

Due to heavy snowfall before the forecast of meteorologists, the entire Northern Sea route has been closed due to such a large number of ships getting stuck. After which relief material has been delivered along with two ice breaker ships from Moscow side to clear the way. Continuous work is going on to move the stranded ships on the spot. Let us tell you that Russia has spent a huge amount to open the way for this Northern Sea Route.

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questions about forecast

According to the Russian news agency Tass, this jam occurred in the Arctic due to lack of accurate weather forecast. In fact, Russian officials had earlier said that this route would be normal for the whole of November. The reason for this was that due to global warming, the snow that had accumulated here in the last few years was freezing for a long time.

This time, government officials and operators looking after the business of the Northern Sea Route were surprised by the onset of ice accumulation in the Laptev Sea and the East Siberian Sea in late October.

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Russia’s Master Stroke

Every effort is being made from the side of Moscow to handle the situation. Russia is now sending two of its nuclear-powered ships that will break the ice about 11 inches thick and make way for the ships to leave. Even after this, there is a danger that some ships stranded here may remain stranded for many months to come.

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