Rajasthan Government 6 MLAs came out in the open, some ministers were not happy, Ashok Gehlot, latest news update | 6 MLA came out in the open, the pilot’s pain was visible; CM is tightening every day

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Jaipur9 hours agoAuthor: Govardhan Choudhary

The cabinet reshuffle was not done for a long time to avoid discord between the Gehlot and Pilot camps. Now even after the reshuffle, the controversy and controversial statements are not taking the name of stopping. Half a dozen MLAs have expressed their displeasure, some are currently silent while waiting for political appointments.

As soon as the work of parliamentary secretaries and political appointments is completed, the deprived MLAs can speak freely. Despite being made 4 ministers for SC and 5 for ST, senior MLAs of these sections are angry. 4 out of 6 MLAs who came to Congress from BSP are also angry. Read how many arrows of statements the Congress has faced so far after the cabinet reshuffle.

Rajendra Gudha has not taken charge yet
Rajendra Gudha, who was made Minister of State, has not yet formally taken over the charge of the minister. Gudha has objected to Ramesh Meena being made the Minister of State for Under Panchayati Raj. After meeting Ajay Maken, Gudha’s attitude has softened, but the remaining 5 MLAs who came from Congress to BSP are angry about not getting anything till now.

Tension continues between Gehlot-pilot camps
Even after the cabinet reshuffle, the rift between Gehlot and the pilot camp has not eased. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has targeted the pilot camp rebellion twice in seven days. In the meeting of the Council of Ministers, Minister Murarilal Meena also gave an answer in front of the revolt by naming the ministers of the pilot camp. Sachin Pilot has also taunted without taking names.

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their silence says a lot

Rajendra Pareek: In the last term, he was the Minister of Industries. After the removal of Raghu Sharma, the Brahmin was the contender for the cabinet minister as the face. CM’s are special, so despite being angry, the displeasure was not made public. 74-year-old Pareek is the fifth time MLA. Studied up to B.A.

Deepender Singh Shekhawat: He has been the Speaker of the Assembly during the last Congress rule. 70-year-old Shekhawat is a five-time MLA. Studied up to B.A. Sachin Pilot is a supporter, it was decided to become a cabinet minister, but his name was cut at the time. The pilot argued a lot but it did not work.

Manju Meghwal: In Gehlot’s last tenure, she was the Minister of Women and Child Development. As a female Dalit face, this time also the name came to the fore. 44-year-old Manju Meghwal is the second time MLA from Jayal in Nagaur. Studied up to MA. Internally angry but did not make any statement.

Parasram Mordia: He is counted among the prominent Dalit leaders in the Congress. Big businessmen. Mordia is a 6-time MLA. Has been the Chairman of the Housing Board. This time he was a contender to become a minister but was left behind due to the equations of Sikar. For now, there is a strategic silence.

Ashok Bairwa: Counted among the prominent Dalit leaders of Congress. Fourth time MLA. The last time was the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment. Disappointed at not being made a minister this time. For the time being it has been kept silent. There is influence in Sawai Madhopur area.

Khiladi Lal Bairwa: Has been an MP from Karauli-Dholpur. Became MLA for the first time. Major Dalit face of Congress in Dang area. First the pilots were in the camp, then came back to the Gehlot camp. Now angry about not being a minister. Have expressed displeasure with Maken.

Vinod Leelawali: Vinod Kumar is a four-time MLA. Situated in Sriganganagar. He is the nephew of former Lok Sabha Speaker and veteran leader Balram Jakhar. Last time he was minister of state. This time also there were contenders, but due to caste equations, their name was cut.

Gurmeet Kunar: Counted among the big leaders of Congress in the canal area. He is a third time MLA. In Gehlot’s previous rule, independents won, on supporting the government, he was made a minister of state for agriculture. Close to Gehlot. There is tension in my mind for not being made a minister but the statement has not been given.

Giriraj Singh Malinga: Malinga, a third-time MLA, is upset over not becoming a minister. Malinga left the BSP and joined the Congress in Gehlot’s previous rule. At that time he was made the Parliamentary Secretary. Even in Modi wave, Malinga won from Congress from Bari.

Rajendra Vidhuri: He is the MLA for the second time from Begun of Chittorgarh. The late Congress leader has been close to Ahmed Patel. In Gehlot’s previous rule, he was the Parliamentary Secretary. This time he was a contender to become a minister, but from the Gujjar class, Shakuntala Rawat was made a cabinet minister in his place.

Narendra Budania: Counted among senior Congress leaders in Churu district. Has been a Lok Sabha and once a Rajya Sabha MP. MLA for the second time. He was a candidate for becoming a minister. Lobbyed a lot in Delhi too but could not become a minister. Angry but silent for the time being.

Madan Prajapat: MLA from Barmer for the second time. He is recognized as a prominent leader in the Congress from the Kumawat community. Gehlot’s supporters were a contender to become Prajapat minister but could not be made due to local equations. Angry at being overlooked but still silent.

Amin Khan: Amin Khan is one of the senior Congress leaders. He is a 5 time MLA. In Gehlot’s last tenure, he was the Minister of State for Rural Development. The then President had come into the limelight for his remarks about Pratibha Patil. Amin Khan is upset over not being made a minister.

Apart from these, Mahendra Chaudhary, Giriraj Malinga, Rita Choudhary and Harishchandra Meena are also upset over not being made ministers.

Gehlot’s taunt on the ministers of the pilot camp: Said in the meeting of the Council of Ministers – they had left; 80 MLAs did not go, only then the government survived

Sachin’s pain on not becoming CM: Said – No one can snatch what is written in luck, no one can give what is not

Cabinet reshuffle may happen again in 6-8 months: Gehlot hinted; Said- The government was in trouble after leaving 19 MLA, the comrades who saved will not complain

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