coronavirus New omicron variant stokes world fears triggers travel bans – International news in Hindi

An advisory committee of the World Health Organization has described the new variant of the corona virus that first appeared in South Africa as a ‘very rapidly spreading worry type’ and named it ‘Omicron’ under the Greek alphabet. This announcement made by the United Nations Health Agency on Friday is the first in the last … Read more

Many ships stuck in Arctic sea near Russia, route Jam latest business news live update | Long ‘Jam’ in the Arctic Sea, 24 ships stuck in 30 cm thick ice; Fears of loss of billions

New Delhi: Russia, which dreams of reaching Europe and Asia through the Arctic Sea, has suffered a major setback at the moment. According to the news published in the Moscow Times, 24 ships have been trapped in sea ice due to deteriorating weather near the Russian coast. Despite several relief and rescue efforts, there is … Read more

things to remember before starting business: 4 fears that act like an hindrance in starting a business

4 Fear In Business: There will hardly be anyone who has never thought of doing business in his life. And why not think about business, it has the power to make a person a billionaire in just a few years. There are many people who think, but only a few people can get into business. … Read more

Up Lakhimpur Kheri Violence Live News Update Today In Hindi Supreme Court – Lakhimpur Kheri Violence Live: Minister’s son Ashish fears fleeing to Nepal

12:04 PM, 08-Oct-2021 Ajay Mishra Teni’s residence at Banveer Pur was locked In Tikunia of Lakhimpur Kheri, the residence of Union Minister of State for Home Ajay Mishra Teni at Banveer Pur is locked. The PSC is sitting under the trees in front of the residence of the Union Minister of State for Home. 11:58 … Read more

Taiwan China War news: China in the mood for war with Taiwan? taiwan accuses china of sending 52 fighter planes stirring fears of war amid tension in south china sea

TaipeiAt the international level, China, which has been targeted several times for its grandeur, does not seem to be softening, but it seems as if the dragon has made up its mind to wage a war against Taiwan. In the last three days, China has sent 98 fighter jets to infiltrate Taiwan’s airspace, but the … Read more