Fashion Face off: After Alia, Deepika wore a tie dye look, which one do you like more in the sweatshirt? , Deepika and alia who looks better sweatshirt and shorts

Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt These days the trend of multi color pattern tie dye prints is being liked a lot. Although this trend started in the quarantine time, but these days their trend has increased a lot. Tie-Die look is being seen in sarees, blazers, casual tracksuits, T-shirts and shorts. Bollywood divas like Alia … Read more

Best short video sharing apps: Want a treasure trove of entertainment? You will find everything on these 5 best apps including Reels, MX TakaTak, Moj – top 5 short video sharing apps in india reels mx takatak moj josh chingari youtube shorts

Highlights Facebook, Instagram and YouTube apps Tremendous growth in the number of MX Takatak users Even a few seconds of video can make your day New Delhi.Top and Best 5 short video sharing apps in india: Ever since the TikTok ban in India, there has been an influx of short video sharing platforms like Reels … Read more